Market-Specific, Reliable Sealing Solutions

Wide Range of Different Sealing Types and Materials According to Industrial Standards for Numerous Segments

Products of the dph brand provide industrial standard quality and are available in numerous seal shapes and materials. They are suited for moderate operating conditions in static, dynamic as well as in fluid applications in a wide range of market segments.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals, Allied Products, Aluminium Washers, Bearings, Bonded Washers, Chain, Chevron Packing sets, Circlips -E clips, Copper Washers, Double Acting Seals, End Caps, Gaskets, Gland Packing, Oil Seals, O-Ring Cord, O-Ring Kits, O-Ring (FKM, Silicone, EPDM & Nitrile), O-Ring Back Ups, PTFE Products, Quad Rings, Rubber Washers, Single Acting Seals, Speedi Sleeves, Splicing Kits, Split Oil Seals, Torric Seals, U-Rings,V-Belts, Sprockets, Pulleys, V-rings, Wipers.


Only state-of-the-art manufacturing allows the production of rubber and special seals corresponding to the unique requirements of the world's markets and ensures their sales and distribution. 

When we talk about being market driven, we mean:  

Our production facility is outfitted with the latest technical equipment and upgraded continually. The experience and expertise of our production staff are further features of our high manufacturing quality, Elastomer production and PTFE production.

The know-how of our design engineers guarantees short production times for the necessary tools and makes us independent of upstream suppliers. We maintain a comprehensive raw materials warehouse and have a production area which is ideal for the size of our business. Our wide range of machinery enables us to perform the tasks placed before us in terms of size and feeding.

Besides having our own tool shop, our extensive stock of standard dimensions ensures short delivery times. Our product range encompasses well over 150,000 articles. More than 20,000 different products are continuously available from stock.